​Measure your room...

from a bird’s eye perspective. Indicate where the doors and windows are.  Then  measure ALL your walls again showing where the doors, windows and electrical plugs are.  Please include the heights of all the doors and windows as well as the height of the ceiling. Click here to download our measuring guidelines.


Photograph all your walls.


Find your inspiration...

Please send at least three inspirational images from magazines, Internet, etc. 

If you have fabric that inspires you please send that as well.  

Take photos of existing furniture.

If you have an existing piece of furniture or accessory that you would like included please take photos and provide measurements.

Complete our Questionnaire.


Send in your photos.

Once you have completed all of the above you can either request a dropbox link via email or mail print



This is where the three of us come in and bring your dream room to life.

We analyze your survey and review all the information you’ve sent us regarding the room.  Working within budget, we begin creating the ideal room for your wee one.  Using the measurements you provided, we draw a scaled furniture plan showing you exactly where your furniture will be placed.  We will then use our resources to select unique furnishings, fabrics and finishes to complete your look.

Surprise, you’ve got mail!  In four-six weeks, your personalized box arrives at your door. The gorgeous box includes the following:


A concept board

using personalized sketches, magazines, furniture tear sheets, etc to convey the
vision and mood of the room


A scaled furniture

plan showing exact placement of the furniture we’re recommending


Tear sheets

of all the selected furniture enabling you to go directly to the source to purchase the pieces.


Fabric, wallcovering, hardware and paint swatches

labeled for each specific item.